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Re: Keyboard failure

I am having the same problem as the original poster - fixed a "frozen" situation by restarting, now get "keyboard failure" at boot on my XPS 400 purchased in Jan 06.   Seems like this is a common problem out there for Dell's.  Problem is definitely not the keyboard as it works on a laptop.  No PS2 connection, only USB.  No USB ports work, therefore can't do any diagnostics by keyboard.

Tried to "flash the bios" as suggested elsewhere on the 'net by playing with the jumper blocks.  did not work.  

a search of this failure on this site and on google generally will reveal that this has happened to lots of Dell buyers, yet there does not appear to be any solutions out there other than to replace the motherboard, i.e., buy a new computer.  would love for a moderator to address this.