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Re: Keyboard failure

I am having a similar problem.

Last night I connected a Vivitar camera.  I forgot to install the drivers for the camera first.  When I connected the camera, the computer locked up.  I powered off the computer and when I turned it on this morning, it booted to the User login screen for XP.  However, both the keyboard and mouse do not work.  When I restarted the computer, I noticed that I was getting a "keyboard error" and that the computer did not seem to recognize any input from the keyboard.  I tried four different keyboards without any luck.

Bottom line, it looks like all the USB ports on the computer have become diabled.  Effectively, I cannot do anything with my computer because there is no PS/2 port for me to try an older keyboard.  The keyboard is getting power (it lights up) but no functionality.  Oddly, my mouse does not seem to be getting any power.

The computer (XPS 400) is booting up fine and there are no error lights on.  Just seems that the BIOS got scrambled.