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Re: Keyboard failure

all right guys, lets take it easy here!


If you cleared BIOS by removing the jumper (or by removing the battery from the motherboard), you reset BIOS to factory defaults. The default setting for the floppy drive controller is ON, even if you don't have a floppy drive installed. So reboot and press F2 to enter BIOS setup. Find the listing for the floppy driver controller and change it from ON to OFF. Save the change and exit setup. You shouldn't see the floppy drive error message again.


As for the rest of you. Unplug the PC from the wall and press/hold the power button for ~15 sec. Open the case and remove the battery from the motherboard. Press/hold the power button agan for ~30 sec. LEAVE THE PC UNPLUGGED FOR SEVERAL HOURS OR OVERNIGHT. Now replace the battery (right side up!) and try to boot with only USB mouse and keyboard plus monitor connected.


If that doesn't fix it, you will have to boot from the XP CD and attempt a Repair/Reinstall which will require you to reinstall SP3 plus all the other XP updates and fixes. And if that doesn't do it, you probably have to reformat and reinstall which means you will lose your data.  If the hard drive isn't backed up on external media (eg, CDs), you may have to connect this drive to another PC using an external drive case or mount it inside another PC to rescue your files before you reformat/reinstall.


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