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Re: Keyboard failure

I just had the same problem: 1. Keyboard failure message.  2. Neither keyboard nor mouse works.  It happened after I had done a defrag on the hard drive.  I don't know if that did it, but it's suspicious.  The computer works--I can link to the hard drive from my other computer and update files on it: just the access via keyboard and mouse is gone.  Based on what others have said, I trust that it's not the keyboard or mouse that has failed.

I have done some of what has been suggested--the simple option: turn it off, unplug it, press the "ON" button for 30 seconds, re-plug, and reboot.  Still the problem.  I tried using some other USB ports (on the front).  No luck. Have not tried taking the computer apart and finding the jumper and jumper block.  Yet.

What has worked is plugging the keyboard and mouse into my USB extender (which itself is plugged into a USB port).  That works.  The mouse and keyboard work.

My question: now that I have it working, is there anything I can do--short of removing the cover and finding the jumper and jumper block)--that might correct the situation?  For example, going back to a previous restore point?  Doing something to reinstall some kind of mouse and keyboard drivers?