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Re: Keyboard failure

If GrooveRite is actually getting into windows then he has got far further than i did (thus not the same problem). If the motherboard has actually been changed twice (this would have been an expensive action!) and the device mananger check as defined by Ron is not getting anywhere then maybe you have corruption on the hard disk somewhere (or RAM if you didn't have to change this with the motherboard). I had a similar issue with certain devices not working while others did (really frustrating!). The solution to my issue i found after lots of searching for programs to "uncorrupt the disk / ram". I do not know whether i am allowed in this forum to mention brand names but i suppose that my comments will be deleted if so. The application i find utterly briliant and can be used for both general system maintenance (recovering corrupted/crashed disks) and also for radically speeding the disk up. 

If you have errors that are resolved by rebooting and then seen to come back more and more .. then corrupt ???? is definately a possibility.


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