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Re: How to remove a default scanner?

Thanks. I will try it, although I cannot help thinking that it must be something to do with Dell. After all, why have a scanner default at all? Cannot they just leave it to the customer to decide which model to start using?
Today I managed to delete the default option (Xerox), but when I went to add hardware expecting there to be a list of scanners to choose from (hopefully including my own, HP Scanjet), the only option offered was once again Xerox!
Is Dell in cahoots with Xerox to sell scanners?
It will be interesting to see what happens next Mon/Tue when my new scanner arrives (Canon this time: they have had good reviews from people, and apparently work with Vista). Will I be able to install it?  I hope so!
Anyway, happy Midsummer to all! There will be big celebrations back home in Finland this weekend!
UKFinn (aka Kirsti)
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