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Re: XPS 420 SATA RAID and drive failing

Sadly enough, I've now fallen victim to the same issue on my XPS420. 4GB or RAM with 2x 500GB drives with RAID 0 configuration.
Prior to this morning the system would randomly power off with an unexpected shutdown.  This was an issue in iteself.  This morning the system froze at the Vista desktop screen with no open apps.  Had to cold boot and now I'm getting "Error Occcured" on the primary drive so the system won't boot at all.  Can't get into safe mode or start Vista but I can access the RAID configuration mode.
I'm afraid to reset the RAID drive in the boot up utility feaful of losing the recovery data partition.  Any ideas?  I suppose I could just go and dive in considering I have the warranty.
$2,700 paid and in less than 8 weeks the systems hard down.  Looks like I'll be on the phone tonight with Dell.  I may very well check the SATA cable as well as upgrade the firmware to A03 if i can get the system to boot.  But looks like the jury is still out for the success of those two items.

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