Re: I Hate Vista

I don't need to boot from a floppy,  I need to use a floppy to install Dell sata drivers when the XP disc asks for them after pressing F6 during the initial setup stage.  I have tried using the card reader as my floppy and I half works.  Windows installation recognises the card reader as a floppy but the drivers from Dell aren't working. Now that could well be the way I am trying to do it or the drivers could be faulty.  There are three sets of drivers I think I need initially. these are Sata drivers,sata application and chipset drivers.  I have assumed the first set of drivers to go with are the sata ones, so I unpacked them to my card in the card reader and tried that.  One of the files fails.  Some thing like oem.txt but to be honest I can't remember as I've just got up.
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