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brand new bday pc blue screens with in 5 mins

hey, i just got a band new dell for my birthday and im getting crackling during game cutscenes and during some gameplay.

I know this is a big problem and have tryed uninstalling the drivers and resintalling them 2-3 times and still nothing works.I have 4 gig of ram and have not tried the duel channel option yet but i dont really want to rip apart my new pc because i have just got it.


I have the x-fi sound card, and im running vista 32bit, i am going to upgrade/downgrade to xp 64bit in the hopes this will fix the problem and allow me to use all my ram. i was wondering if people chould tell me ways they fixed there crackling if they ever did, please help i was really looking forward to playing on my pc and i can play any thing with sound, its really annoyingSmiley Sad

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Re: brand new bday pc blue screens with in 5 mins

Plug a set of headphones into the (rear) audio jack and verify the problem is with the system and not your speakers as a start.
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