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Re: Additional windows won't open


Although ieee488's response was a bit brusque, s/he does have a point. In all seriousness, welcome to Windows. It's been known to lock up if you have tons of windows open or tasks being performed at the same time. One of the operating system gurus might be able to give a detailed answer to your question about the 33 windows if you re-posted in the Software | Windows XP conference.


There's really no reason to have 33 IE windows open simultaneously. Aside from the fact that it doesn't have a reputation for being the most stable browser out there it can be a bit of a resource hog. There could also be a toolbar or some other kind of browser extension coming into play here. If you must use IE there's still no reason to have multiple separate windows open when IE7 has tabbed browsing. Personally I use Firefox & very rarely have more than 7-8 tabs open at a time. If you were to use a tabbed browser & avoid opening all the articles/stories at once you wouldn't have this problem.

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