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Re: Computer Shuting Down With Blue Screen

CD60, I'm having similar problems with my two XPS720 machines as well.  I suspect, though, that you got the stop error wrong: 0x000000pf is invalid, all characters ought to be in the range 0-f (being hexadecimal).


I'm getting a few repeating stop errors: EA, 8E, 7F are the main ones.  One of my two machines (purchased at the same time) started acting up two weeks after receiving.  The most common error description I get is nv4_disp or nv4_disp.dll, pointing to something wrong with the video card.  It seems to me that high graphic demand triggers the blue screen, and the machine has to have been on for some time.  Three things that make it go haywire: any of the hi-res screen savers (Aquarium, Da Vinci, Nature), the Guru3D Video Stability Test running for hours (http://freestone-group.com), and Dell's PC Checkup (2D-3D Video Fixed Transformation & Lighting Test).


The other machine fares a bit better, but has lately developed similar issues.  BSOD once a day or so, and is disturbingly increasing.  I've uninstalled the nVidia driver (and reverted to lower res 1024x768, which is not the best) to see if not demanding too much of the video card might point to something useful. 


I've been dealing with tech support for what seems like forever.  Tech support seems to think that it's a driver issue, but nevertheless has so far changed the video card, RAM, and mobo.  I had to clean re-install Windows because of my blunderings.  It's working so far, but I haven't fully tested it.  I'm not convinced yet that it's not a hardware failure or compatibility issue.


CD60, my advice is this: keep working with support, eventually they'll replace all the components.  If that still doesn't fix it, they have a bigger problem on their hands because it seems many people with XPS720s have this issue.  In the meantime, try out the Video Stability Test, leave a hi-res screen saver running at all times, and record everything you do to the machine including any details of tech support calls (you may need to have supporting evidence, if it comes to that).





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