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Re: X-Fi Screech of Death

I'm really sorry to see Dell has spooked this poor 5 year old about using a computer. This will probably affect her for the next few years when she comes around someone else's computer. I pray that this doesn't happen and wish the best for the young one having to face such a horrowing experience.


Dell honestly needs to make an appearance on the forum and also email all past and present owners in or out of warranty that they know something is happening and they are working with Creative to address the problem and as soon as it gets worked out all owners will be shipped new (not refurbished) parts and also they should throw in a gift card to a retail store other than Dell or Creative, say around 150.00 to each owner of one of these systems that we all know has the SOD problem. They should handle there business up front with there customers and not try to hide the fact  they know something is wrong instead of denying email and removing post (like a communist nation would). I guess they expect us not to hear this sound (even though we do) and proceed as if everything is just fine. I hope all the people that went out and purchased new sound cards at retail will still stand behind us that haven't and let's make a multi billion dollar company hold up to there side of the product we assumed we were getting. I have always held Dell up as a high end quality innovator. Since this screech of death and there continued hop, skipping, try this, try that,  the problem has gotten out of hand. I don't know that I still have that opinion, depends on how they fix it will determine my future thoughts on Dell. I'm pretty sure they will do the right thing. We can do more as a group than we can as an individual-all marketing campaigns will tell you that. Positive or negative. DELL needs to keep there clients. And they need to quit acting like the Chinese and stand behind there products, it was us the American people that took them where they are today. I know in the USA our people demand quality especially from such a big HIGH HELD QUALITY COMPANY.

As long as they have had this problem you can't tell me they have no idea as to what's going on? I bet they knew after they received about 50 calls on it that they started researching it. And you know that after they received another few dozen emails and forum complaints on it they put people on resolving this issue. I'm sure it is most likely to big of a cost issue for them and they probably are taking the denial route using that reason. One thing we have going for us though-They can't deny it now- there are to many of there techs and system owners that have said it was a problem. I truly believe they know what's wrong just trying to find the best cost effective way (the company) to make it correct. Hey it's a DELL. This is only my opinion and I had no intentions of upsetting anyone. I do think truly DELL already knows what's happening. Hold your invoices. And I would respect my customers a little more if I where in there situation.

Please everyone have a pleasant day and I truly am not trying to upset anyone, I just think as a group you can get more done.

I wonder if they will delete this message? They did make me edit it before posting. Commies

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