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Re: X-Fi Screech of Death

Dell have no intention of doing the 'right thing'. This issue has been around for a long long time. The moment they knew of an issue they should have stopped shipping this card straight away, or acknowledged the existence of a problem and given a promise to remedy it as soon as a solution was found. Although this is a Dell forum, it seems to be run by staff who have absolutely no power to do anything other than respond in a 'support' capacity, and nobody in authority reads these mails, or ever sees them. So if 10,000 people on this foum were complaining about a genuine problem (like this one), nobody (other than Dell support) would ever know. I might as well be blogging it on my wall at home (in crayon)!! I have given up even bothering at this point and will be purchasing an Asus Xonar card as soon as I get the cash together, and a non-Dell PC for my next PC purchase. I will also be advising everyone I meet to steer well clear of Dell in future (and I am a software developer so I get asked for recommendations quite a lot). But that is about as much as we can do. Spread the word. Don't buy Dell and don't buy Creative. That is all that is in our power to do...
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