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Re: Dell Xps 630 Motherboard.

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* I disagree. The sales page was very clear in stating you would get two PCI Express x16 Expansion slots. It never stated how many PCI Express lanes were connected in those slots. That data is presented in teh User Manual specifications.


*    C'mon Chris trhats the same as a used car salesman telling you he is selling you a car with a V-8 and you buy it then find out it is really only firing on 6 cylinders because he took the sparkplugs out of 2 cylinders.

  How is the consumer supposed to see the user manual untill they buy the computer?

You admit that the sales page did not state how many lanes were connected to the slots; yet anyone who would see that advertisement would be falsely led to believe that they were getting X16 lanes because its a PCI Express x16 Expansion slot ! ! ! ! !  That is what the x16 means in technical terms ! ! ! !  

 No it doesn't, while I agree that a "used card salesman" pitch was used , your interpretation of what X16 means in "technical terms"  is not correct. 


 "PCIe slots come in a variety of physically different sizes referred to by the maximum lane count they support, ie. x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 and x32."


 "The number of lanes actually connected to a slot may also be less than the number supported by the physical slot size."



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