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Re: Dell Xps 630 Motherboard.

     I have engaged the refund process for my old 630i and it went pretty much smoothly. I decided to order from Dell again with an XPS 420. It's a sweet package with a true X16 gpu graphics slot. It has a 24" widescreen monitor, 750gig HDD, ATI TV Tuner card, ATI 3870 512 video card with HDMI out for my tv, E8500 CPU, 4gig 800 mhz ram and some other stuff (2 year warranty included). It cost about the same as my 630i tower alone and will support the upcoming multiple GPU graphics cards in an x38 MOBO. As I do not SLI, I believe this rig will stomp the 630i now and especially in the future. It's something to think about as the deal is sweet.
     Also, I just want to say that Dell is very cooperative (ast least with my refund process) and my refund, with two seperate Systems to be returned, was posted in less than 2 Weeks to my preferred account. Chris_M and Jose from customerresolution5 were very helpful in the expediting. I like many others just want a "Plug & Play" computer. I at least want to believe that I have more important things to do. The 630i will never perform as advertised.
Edit: No fees charged, Dell provided shipping, I was outside the 21 Day policy. I returned for the as advertised malay.
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