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Re: Dell Xps 630 Motherboard.

"I know I'm not going to return mine, I didn't get the pc just for the lights or the motherboard. I think it only applies to SLI configs, but I only plan on useing 1 card."




Actually, the lack of 16 lanes in one video card slot affects systems with one card more than systems with SLI.  With SLI, you are only going to get 8 lanes per video card with any 650 motherboard.  The problem is that single video cards that are capable of using 16 lanes, when they are NOT in SLI mode, are being hindered by the Dell version of the 650 motherboard.  Since I have SLI at the moment, the lane issues do not affect me.  It will only affect me if I choose a more advanced single video card in the future and no not use SLI.

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