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Sound problems with DIM3000

I have a Dell Dimension 3000 with an integrated ADI SoundMAX card and I have only limited sound capabilities.  I have NO Windows sounds being played even though the default scheme is enabled.  If I attempt to launch a video from the internet (MSN, You Tube, etc.) the video plays but there is no sound.  I can play CDs or stored music without any problem using Rhapsody.  No sure what has caused this problem to crop up. 


I have run Dell Diagnostics (Driver Reset) and no errors were discovered.  I ran DXDIAG and both sound and music tests and plays fine.  I have used the Dell Support Center to download the latest version of the audio driver for SoundMAX.  I also did an online automated scan (PC checkup) which found no problems.  I have checked and re-checked all settings in Control Panel => Sounds and Audio Devices.  Everything is enabled for use.  I have gone through the entire Windows XP troubleshooter and everything looks OK.  However, there is 1 anomaly worth pointing out: The volume control ICON will not appear on the Windows taskbar even though the menu item to display it is checked in the SoundMAX properties   The only thing I have not done is to upgrade the BIOS to A03.  I have no idea what has caused this problem.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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