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Re: XPS 700 Processor Upgrade

Just wanted to add another voice on this, also had a stock 700 and just upgraded to the quad Q6700 from the 1.86Ghz dual and continued with the stock XPS heatsink (considering the way the case is designed I'd stick with the stock XPS heatsink, its a heck of a lot more expensive than the Intel one that comes with the chip and the XPS one is made with the case airflow in mind).

It runs great - makes me so happy, its like a new machine...time to go get some memory for these 4 hungry processors.  😉 

I just wanted to mention that I used thermal paste instructions for the quad from the arctic silver site (although I used a different brand of thermal paste since I was too impatient to get some arctic silver mail order) over here:

The only real nerve wracking thing for me was putting the new chip in - i.e. hoping its centered so that no pins were/would bent and then putting the pressure back on with the socket release lever - those pins are really small and it felt really good after it booted back up.  Good luck everybody.

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