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Re: XPS 700 Processor Upgrade

I found this thread to be a great deal of help. I upgraded to a new X6800 that i got off Ebay and applied BIOS update. PC runs like its brand new. I missed out on the MOBO upgrade unfortunately but this procssor eased the pain. I did the BIOS overclock and my system had more issues than not with it so I run it stock at 2.93 GHZ. This is more than enough. I play COD MW2 and now my bottleneck is the graphics card. I run at 1024x768 and normal texture resolution 4x ant aliasing and vert sync. I average around 70 fps. Eventually I'll upgrade the card but the processor improved in game performance and alt tab functionality and significantly increased the overall machine's speed when using regular programs. I highly recommend upgrading to unlock this old machine's potential. I see some on here run the GTX 260 and 280 and I plan on swapping to one of those at some point. I currently run the 7950 GX2 and 4gb of standard RAM. I hope this helps those other curious folks who want to upgrade their CPU. I initially had a problem loading the 1.4.1 BIOS and it would hang on attempting to update BIOS. I did the jumper reset on the board, re-tried and it loaded in about 5 seconds with no issues.

If anyone wants the ebay info on who I bought it from please pm me. I dont want to appear as I am endorsing someone on a board. The guy I bought it from had about 80 brand new ones in stock. No idea how he got them but it was a VERY good price and I can attest to the legitimacy of the ebay add. GL all.

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