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Re: XPS 730x H2C loses power / resets / reboots "randomly"...

I'm running now with "Turbo mode" (over-clocking) turned off and the machine is at a stock 3.2 GHz.  Tonight after about 1 hour of "Far Cry 2" it rebooted.  CPU temps were around 50 C.   So, as "LoveReason" said (has a I7 720), it isn't the overclocking or H2C for that matter...

Darrell WV:  I'm not sure that it is the same problem but it sounds like the behavior is the same.  If it is the same then that puts a new light on this as your system has a different motherboard, memory and CPU.  However, if this is the first report of the 730 (not 730x) having this problem it may be apples and oranges.  If we include your case with all the 730x's these are the differences from all of our systems that randomly reboot:


- CPU (some I7 and now a Quad Core 2)

- Some are overclocked and some are not

- Memory type (tri channel vs dual)

- Motherboard

- H2C and Aircooled

- OS, Vista Home Premium x64, Vista Ultimate 64, XP x64 (may be some 32 bitters in their too...)

- Video Card (both ATI HD4870x2 and Nvidia 280)

- Hard drives

The question is:  What is the same between the systems?  Power supply?  DVD Burner?  19 in 1 card reader?  Just throwing stuff out...



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