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Re: XPS 730x H2C loses power / resets / reboots "randomly"...

WOW! so how is this for interesting.....


i've been monitoring this forum for the last 5-6 days now... with my XPS purchase literally on hold. I have the dell sales representative from India calling me everyday just asking for my approval to put the order through... and i keep putting him off simply because im hoping that this problem that yall are having is quickly resolved..


I then log on to dell's website this morning to re-configure another xps 730x set up only because i know that they had new deals coming out this morning and i wanted to see if i could get a better one.. only to find that there is no XPS 730x H2C setup that is being offered, There is no option for the Core I7 965 extreme processor, or the H2C cooling system (unless you select the medium 730x) odd hey???

anyone think this is because of all the problems you've been having. Maybe they dont want to sell anymore and then end up with the headace of having them all returned again? or am i totally reading into things here?

Now im not sure what to do. I have the Core I7 940, H2c Cooling, 6gb DDR3 RAM, ATI HD4870x2, 1TB HDD all on hold.... and i managed to convince them to throw in the 2408W monitor to... FOR FREE.

Part of me doesnt want to loose this deal... but the other part of me doesnt wand to waste $4000 on a comp that is gonna break on me... what do i do?

My other Qu is... Is this problem happening to all XPS 730x's because in all the reviews that i've read (esp. the detailed HotHardware Review) they didnt encounter anyproblem...? I have a feeling its a sporadic problem and i kinda just want to take my chances... any suggestions?


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