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Re: XPS 730x H2C loses power / resets / reboots "randomly"...

I have been watchin the Dell XPS site for a full year. I ordered the first day the 730X H20 965 Extreme was available. I have never seen your 940 system offered with the H2C option by Dell. Alienware does allow this option for the 940 processor ... though I don't see why. The H2C cooling advantage seems to allow "factory" overclocking supported by Dell and that is clearly limited to the Extreme 965 3.2 processor only.

If you have reviewed this forum topic then you will see that Dell (see Dell Insider Chris Mixon post) has NO response to the multiple postings concerning the 730x random shutdown issue. This appears to involve 965 Extreme, 940 and 920 processors ... though I can personally testify about the two 730X 3.2 965 H2C 280 6 gig systems that I had to return for this unresolved, recurring, crippling failure. One can generally appreciate the advanced computer capabilities of some of the folks posting here. The hours spent by those of us that have attempted to make our Dell 730x systems work (loading and re-loading software, waiting to speak with technical support, actually talking with techinical support and making return arrangements) are crudely under represented by simple forum posts. Such efforts are from those of us who have actually ordered and paid $5,000 + $1,000 for the Dell system that we have eagerly awaited delivery. Dell has no solution ... at least not yet. There is no official recognition by Dell of these failure issues. There are no forum posts about updates by Dell in an effort to help us keep and enjoy these 730x systems purchased from Dell. Yet, Dell continues to sell the same system(s).

Personally, I want an opportunity to buy a great Dell system with the Core I7 processor, but as long as I (or any potential purchaser) don't see the recognition of the random shutdown issue that made me return 2 flagship XPS systems (and a solution worked out by Dell) ... I (or anyone else) would be incredibly stupid to make such an investment. Sure, the hardware or software of the 730X is flawed, but the real problems involve Dell's failure to have detected the problem before the sale, Dell's failure to present workable solutions for the problems reported to their technical support and referenced on this forum, and their continued sale of 730X systems with the random shutdowns reported (and requiring system returns).

Dell must respond to faulty products if we (as responsible consumers) stop making purchases until the products and support reasonably match the marketing promoted by Dell. I suggest that you continue to watch this forum and any messages that Dell sends us about measures taken to correct the 730X issues described. They have our email addresses and can make entries on forums. Don't buy now. Dell is failing to measure up ... at least for now.

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