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Re: XPS 730x H2C loses power / resets / reboots "randomly"...

Repairs went great!  Machine working without problems for the past three days.

Again, I believe this to be a faulty sensor in the H2C ceramic cooling system, sending a false signal to the master control board causing the shut down.  I have no proof, as there is no data from the ceramic cooling system that is accessable to me, someone with more knowlege could probably get that information.  It could be as simple as condensation on a relay from the TEC, which is not supposed to produce condensation in the first place.

I know for sure that only the cooling unit and the processor were replaced on my system.  It took the tech service person about 30 minutes to have my system back online, from the minute he walked into the house.  He knew what he was doing, was nice, friendly and courteous as well as efficent.  The Dell Tech Support was great to work with, even though there was a problem.  Mechanical devices do break down, to Dell's credit they fixed it.  When my car breaks down, I take it back and they fix it, but charge me unless it is under warrenty.  The Dell warrenty is worth every penny, IMHO.

So yes they showed up, he was even EARLY, called and asked if that was okay before showing up.  I had call backs from Tech Support every day after I first contacted them and we agreed on a game plan. 

I do not know if the 730X problem is the same as mine, but it symptomatically sounded the same, and now it is fixed, at least at this time, which all anyone can ask for.

All the best,

Darrell WV

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