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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?


Not familiar with the software you are referring to but,  Foxconn built these boards for Dell, there were 2 flavors. The MT board is different than the 435T-9000. There are some quarks about them and the OS. One example is a few years ago I installed a SSD in mine. The OS could not be cloned, not complete. My system was a refurb, built early 2009,  you can see there were problems from the get go. I did for a while run a i7 940, original was a 920. My board went away a year ago, I replaced it with a used one. BIOS A16 did away with using DDR3 1333Mhz memory in the middle of 2010. These systems were supposed to be their "gamer boxes". Less than a year later Dell purchased Alienware from the founders. This is business and I do understand it.

Never been unhappy with mine after the changes were made. It compliments the other hand full of X58 systems I own.

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