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Re: XPS 630 General Hardware Discussion thread

I can no longer erase bios files I have downloaded in the past.  My computer came with version 1.02.  I have since downloaded version 8 and 12 and updated to version 8.  And I have version 2,8 and 12 on my desktop.  But now when I try to delete the bios files I get an error message that says can not delete the file as it is open in another program.  It is not a major issue if I can not delete the files but I am afraid to update to bios version 12 since it says the file is opened in another program.   ( This all started when I called tech support when I could not use more then one flash drive.  Tech support said vista has a problem recognizing more then one flash drive.  The support tech changed something in the registry and now the computer recognizes all my flash drives but as stated above will not let me delete bios files off my desktop.  Also it will not let me delete bios files I have backed up on my flash drives.  I have also tried downloading the bios files again after they changed my registry and it will not let me delete those files either.)  I have called tech support back and they can not find a way to get the computer to let me delete the files.  What I wonder is the tech support guy downloaded bios 12 while he was opening up files to work on the flash drive problem.  I am wondering if he somehow got the files tied to some program?      As I said above my concern is not that I can not delete the files but I am afraid to update to version 12 while it says it is opened in another program.  Is this something  to be concerned about?  I guess I could reset the computer to factory settings but this was one of the earlier 630's and it took forever to get all the updates installed plus I will be back to not being able to use all my flash drives.