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Re: Installing 800MHz RAMM in XPS 700 issue latest BIOS 1.4.1 hard Crashing, slow down.

I never did get an answer or get any thing more than the 667Mhz DDR2 to work, but its real slow  with that unmatched pair. I even went to a Nvidia 9800GTX+ 


The next step may be to try Windows 7 64 bit in it  {read that this ramm set up with that memory was for the VIsta 64 bit only!!} (but I am afraid it wont work (although it says its 64 bit ready I am hearing that its really not on these dual cores.


If I had the cash I would just build one from the ground up. But .....  I LOVE this darn old thing..


As well no answers anywhere on a new CPU for it (the ones that should work are no longer even close to good anymore, and very hard to find if at all)

Answering hoping someone will pop in with some help maybe.


BTW the Corsair I tried was EXACTLY what the DELL upgrade said to use.  sadly they never helped me either 😞  just said its not supported yet they said to use it????  makes me wonder if this mother board is the one that should have been replaced for FREE and just missed the deadline and don't want to loose me as a customer, I bought two XPS laptops last year , and these will be my last DELL product as, little things like this should be easy to help us with!



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