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Re: Studio XPS 435MT - problem with fan

I got the Nexus fan from endpcnoise.com in Vancouver, Washington. It's rated 27 CFM. The fan that I took out of my 435MT is rated 70 CFM. But I don't think it was running that fast. Based on a very subjective feel of the flow of air on my hand, the Nexus fan right now is putting out about the same flow.

I was a little worried about installing it, but called endpcnoise and talked to someone there. He was extremely nice and helpful and said to see if the CPU has its own fan (it does) and if it does, go ahead and install the Nexus and see if the computer ever really needs to crank up its flow.

The good news the computer is now silent. At least very reasonably quiet. I used to be able to hear it outside the room. Now I can't. It's just a very low hum now when it's at my feet. I'm completely satisfied.

That said, I should point out that I haven't really put the computer to any hard work yet. I'm mostly running Office applications--I work at home. The real test will be when I work on a video or when summer rolls around and my office heats up into the 80s (I don't have air conditioning). I'll report back if I notice any problems. I'm definitely keeping the original fan ...