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Re: Studio XPS 435MT - problem with fan

I bought these little plastic pins called NB SLICS that dampen out the sound transferred into the case. I would say with the stock fan it is about half as noisy at the low fan speed.

I still have not yet installed the Xilence because of the lower CFM rate. I am concerned that it may get too hot inside the case, however I am goign to try and install two Xilence fans, one in the front and one in the back when I have some free time (not soon).

My main concern is when the fan really speeds up, like when I'm doing any HD video editing, or when I have multiple resource-hungry apps open simultaneously for graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, PLUs the usual Outlook/Firefox/iTunes that are always on). I don't want to have the little fan pumping the heat out when I have no idea whether the fan speed is physically temperature controlled or controlled by CPU clocks.

With my old ASUS machine, I could tell the fans when to rev up, by temp or by CPU clocks. I have yet to find that spec in the Dell machine's BIOS or manual(s). Anybody know?