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XPS 730 - Nvidia System Tools, and "Front CPU Fan" VS "CPU Cooling" any ideas?

XPS 730 H2C, QX9770. Running Windows Vista x64. Nvidia System Tools 6.03.


The issue is, on the Nvidia System Tools Control Panel, on the Chassis Tab, there is a Front CPU Fan Control, that can be controlled when the fans are not set to Auto. The problem is that control does nothing to any of the fans.


The control that changes the CPU/Radiator fan up at the lower front, is on the CPU tab, and it is called "Cooling" THen is has a 0-100% Slider next to CPU.


This one controls the fan down there, but it ALWAYS seems to stay at 0%, even when CPU temps rise.

Is this normal, could it be a System Tools version issue, or Vista x64 issue?

Any ideas?

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