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Re: XPS 730 - Nvidia System Tools, and "Front CPU Fan" VS "CPU Cooling" any ideas?

I have a 730 and I can control:

- Front CPU Fan (changing this slider doesn't seem to have any effect, just like you said. I think there might be a unused fan connector on the mainboard)

- Rear CPU Fan

- PCI Cage Fan

- HDD Fan

Under the CPU tab I can also change the front fan values from 0% to 100%. I always kept it at 0% and it doesn't seem to come on automatically.

I have the latest drivers, bios and ESA-firmware and I'm running Vista 64bit Ultimate. I've also tried Vista 32bit Premium but everything was the same.

Since you're experiencing the exact same issues, I think we're both fine and it's supposed to be like that.


This is not concerning your issues but might also be of interest to you: I spoke with XPS support this morning about the CPU pump value in nVidia system monitor under the chassis tab being always at 100% and he also told me that was normal and it cannot be overridden or set to any other value in any way.


I hope that helps,