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Re: XPS 730 - Nvidia System Tools, and "Front CPU Fan" VS "CPU Cooling" any ideas?

Sorry to bump an older thread, but reading through the thread, is this image correct?

No front fan control...

Only Rear CPU, PCI cage and HD can be adjusted?

Also can any one confirm that my core temps of (core 1  52C core 2 51C core 3 53C core 4 48C) are ok, they seem a little high for a H2C.

The "cpu" temp from everest reads 26C which would be fine, but the cores are much higher, is this normal?

Many thanks for any answers.


All your temps are fine. The cores in Everest are always higher than the cpu reading.

In xps thermal monitor there's also no front fan control. You can set it in nvidia control panel but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Another thing I always wondered is why the pump speed in nvidia monitor (chassis tab, bottom right) is always at 100% even

when the cpu is without any heavy workload.

I overclocked the cpu in BIOS to 4Ghz and ran a stress test and the pump is indeed speeding up as the temperatures begin to rise.

The nvidia monitor pump speed reading always stays the same. I think it's a software issue.

The H2C does an amazing job at keeping the cpu cool. It is true that when the cpu isn't under much load that the temps seem similar

to good air cooler but when your overclocking and the pump speeds up, your temps begin to drop dramatically.

If you want to feel the second cooling stage (TEC cooling unit) kicking in:

1. Overclock your cpu (4Ghz is fine)

2. Go into nvidia control panel and put the cpu cooling slider to 100%

3. Now run a stress test for a few minutes

4. Turn of the stress test and touch the metal tubing part of your H2C.

It is getting cooler than ambient temp.


Hope that helps a bit,