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Re: Help with Dimension 4600 graphics card upgrade


I just went through a hunt for a 'value' based video upgrade for a Dell Dimension 4600 (two of them actually) and decided on the VisionTek Radeon HD3650 AGP.  I purchased 4gb RAM and a 550W PSU for each also.  After hours of no success and searching the web for a clue, I came across this at a VisionTek forum:

"Unfortunately, there are no workaround available for the 3650 AGP to work with the older Dell systems. The only option I would recommend is to use a PCI card instead as some of the newer PCI cards are faster than the older AGP cards. The older Dell systems are limited in its capabilities including its BIOS."

Posted 25 January, 2011, by Site Admin.


I have read postings were people have success with this card in a 4600, which influenced my decision to buy them.  But when I couldn't get it to work and did more research, I found that most everyone was like me, and there was no clear discriminator as to why these few people could get it to work.  The overwhelming majority of people cannot get it to work.

Bottom line - do not take a chance with the VisionTek Radeon HD 3650 AGP in a Dell Dimension 4600. It's probably great for other models, but not the Dimension 4600.

Can anybody confirm that the HD 4650 AGP card will definitely work in a Deminsion 4600?

Thanks in advance.


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