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XPS 630i Vista stop code 124

I have a 630i with the soundblaster sound card. While playing world of warcraft and using ventrilio this computer just blue screens giving me error 124. It seemingly happens at random.
This problem has been occuring for months. I have tried everything I can think of to fix it. Driver updates and the like. Going to Dell provided no help with them saying that the only thing it could be is that my sound card isn't supported by world of warcraft. Ususally the problem is pretty infrequent. But today its in the past hour its occurred like every 10 minutes.

Ususally it blue screens and I have to hard boot. But a few times I was able to tab out and check task manager to see audiodg going crazy and using like 1.5gigs of resources.
This is really the only problem I have had with this computer and its really getting on my nerves.

Any help would be appreciated.

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