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Re: XPS 400 Hard Drive Upgrade

Hello jromine, Please follow Chris' link and information.

I would add one other bit of information, if it is not already covered.

I would remove the original hard drive and install the new one in it's place.

Reboot the system with the OS CD\DVD in the optical drive, and install the OS to the new drive.

Update all the drivers, in the appropriate sequence, install all your programs, especially your anti-virus program.

Then go to Windows Update and update all the files for your system.

Then I would install the original hard drive in the second hard drive cage next to your primary drive.

You may need to acquire another SATA cable to connect it to an existing port.

Boot the system and in the drives section, make sure the port that the original drive is connected to, is enabled.

Save the changes and reboot. The system should then boot normally, and the second drive be recognized.

You can then delete the Windows folder on the second drive, copy any files to the primary drive, and use the second drive as a backup drive.

Hope this helps.