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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

What is the native/default memory standard for the motherboard? I'm assuming it's the DDR3 1066mhz and to use the 1333mhz or 1800mhz you'll have to overclock the memory, correct?
* Correct.

So with the new Dell AlienFX Light program on the XPS 730x, will this be available for people with the original XPS 730?
* There are two scenarios where any XPS 630 and XPS 730 customer can use the Dell AlienFX Light OR the retail ESA software without incurring any issues -
(1) Load the Dell NVPerformance/Monitor/System Update, Dell AlienFX Light, and the Dell XPS Thermal Application and use the Dell AlienFX Light to control the colored LEDs but do not use the Dell NVPerformance to control the colored LEDs.
(2) Load the NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support by itself and use that software to control the colored LEDs but do not load any of the Dell software, Dell AlienFX Light included.

Also will the original XPS 730 get the software that enables the lights to turn on when you open the case? also was wandering if there was going to be an upgrade program?? Just wandering...
* No and maybe.

Had a look in the Dell driver page but could not see them so where do you download it from?

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