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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

I have been considering purchasing a Dell XPS 730x but after reading some of the posts here and at other Dell forum threads, I'm seriously considering to NOT buy one.

I have seen a lot of posts complaining about one thing or another and very little response from any Dell staff. That is a bad sign! emoticon.Sad.title
If you go to a computer forum, say for instance "Corsair", and see someone post about a problem or complaint, you find a pretty quick reply by Corsair staff to get the issue resolved. I see very little, if any at all, of that here!

With regard to the Dell phone support people being in another country, that does not bother me at all. I have done a bit of traveling in the world and I enjoy talking to people from other countries. What does bother me is having one person say one thing and then another say something different. At some point I'm going to think that I'm being lied to!

Has anyone here actually received a working XPS 730x right out of the box???

What's happened Dell ???
I have 3 Dell computers in my home and my job site has just as many if not more.
There are a lot of other gaming computer makers out there, i.e. DigitalStorm, CyberPower, IBuyPower, etc. that don't make millions or billions of dollars but can respond to customer questions.

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