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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

I know you'll all laugh, but I ended up cheaping out on the processor for now.  Just went with the 2.6Ghz and plan on buying a speedier proc once they're a bit more available and maybe even a few faster models out (and then cheaper to upgrade to the higher end ones once they're easier to get).  I did the 2.6 proc with 6gb ram and the Nvida 280 1GB vid card.  So... no... just the fan and sinc.  I'm guessing the water cooling is even quieter.

I could make a recording of the noise level of just the PC running in a closed, 15' x 15' room if you guys want.  I don't have a dB meter, or I'd find out real levels, but approximating it with a recording wouldn't be too bad.

I do know my ... I think 6 years old now... Alienware is easily 3 to 4x as loud.

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