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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

Mine is working fine. The only issue was with a well-known problem with Creative sound cards and 64-bit vista. During gaming I would get static/feeback - often referred to as the SOD/SCP (Screech Of Death / Snap Crackle Pop). I never got any bluescreens or reboots. The issue arose with the factory installed drivers as well as after a complete reinstall I did to switch over to a Velociraptor Hard Drive.

The definitive fix for me was simple - removed the X-fi and install an HT Omega Striker 7.1 card. Sound is absolutley perfect!! Works flawlessly with my speakers as well as my HPA2 powered Headphones. Before my HT Omega arrived I was using the on-board (integrated) audio which also worked fine.

As for weight - mine was also over 80 lbs in the box. I think someone mentioned their packaged only weighed 48 lbs - I cant see how that is possible. I will weigh mine to make sure, but the pc by itself is easily over 60 lbs. When mine arrived - it was carried to the door by 2 UPS guys (granted they were kinda small 😉 ).

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