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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

I received my XPS 730x on 12/18 and am happy with it so far. I also got the 9800 GT but put in a GeForce GTX 280. I noticed that the computer does NOT have an 8-pin PCI-E connector, so I had to use a 6-pin to 8-pin PCI-E adaptor. It's surprising that a 1000K power supply would not have an 8-pin PCI-E connector. It does, however, have four 6-pin connectors. Still most high end cards like the HD 4870 X2 and GTX 280 require an 8-pin connector. I don't know how Dell can offer the GTX 280 in SLI. They must also use 6-pin to 8-pin adaptors!

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