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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

Please refer to forum topic - XPS 730X loses power / resets / reboots "randomly"

Over there we are describing the nightmare of random shutdowns and our efforts to get Dell's attention to fix the problem. Last Friday I returned my 2nd XPS 730 X H2C 280 Nvidia 3.2 Extreme (OC'd to 3.7) to Dell for exactly the same problem of sudden shutdown. Many, many hours spent with tech support ... no current coordinated Dell help for the problem. Mr. Mixon seems to be just getting interested, but Dell continues to sell the systems despite clear forum descriptions of these random shutdowns. I remain ready to buy again when Dell can describe what the problem is and what measures they have taken to resolve the matter ... including some compensation for our hours of effort to correct their product flaws. Please join the discussion of shutdowns over there so Dell can consolidate the impact of this matter. No, you are not alone in experiencing this ramdom reboot problem. It gets progressively worse. The system still reboots even if you revert the overclocking to 0 and attempt to use 3.2 speed. Of course, we paid $ to purchase the H2C option and the OC'd 3.7 as advertised.

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