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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

It makes logical sense that those who dont have problems are less likely to post on a Vendor support forum than those who do not. I have to say - I was one of the first (at least on this forum) to get a 730X. I received mine about a month ago and have had virtually no problems aside from a  well known issue with creative sound cards and Vista.

I have an I7-920, 6GB DDR3, 2XGTX280 in SLI and a Velociraptor HD. As for the temperature potentially causing an issue - its possible. It seems to me that the majority of folks having problems either have the ATI GPU and/or the overclocked processors. The reason I dont think its an issue (at least with the Nvidia cards) is that I ran my cards with stock fan settings for over a week playing several very intensive games (Farcry2, Left 4 Dead, AoC, etc...). I use Everest and was able to monitor my thermals using the LCD on my G15 Keyboard. My idle temps on the GPU's were about 45 C. Load would climb to 65.

In addition - my tower is inside of a closed cabinet. I have custom fans I built into the cabinet that I turn on to exhaust the hot air out. The temps I listed above are with the cabinet fans on. During 1 gaming session I forgot to turn on my cabinet fans and after a good hour of playing I realized it when I saw my GPU temps at 95C!!! The interesting thing is that even at that temp - the PC ran perfectly! No glitches, freezes or anything. I now use Rivatuner to control my fans and the temps are even lower now than what I listed.

One other thing to consider - one of the first things I did was to uninstall the Dell thermal monitor software. Its limited and Everest and Rivatuner do a much better job of monitoring and controlling fan speeds.