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Re: XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread

Read through the FAQ, it is always updated.
Read this.

Can one purchase the base model with the 2.66 i7 and then overclock it in ROM to maybe 3.2?
* No.

Also is there is an upgrade program the we should be entitled to the extreme Core i7 for free considering the QX9770 (£1000) is worth more then the extreme version of the Core i7 (£850)?
* No.

What I do not understand is that the Dell Canada site will let you configure a XPS 730X with the H2C (for $500 Canadian) as an option with any configuration, yet the US site only allows the configuraton on the most expensive Core i7. Why would they have a better configuration options?
* No idea. Those are two different marketing teams.

What sound card does it actually come with? I see XFI Titanium in my email receipt, I see XFI extremegamer on my online receipt. It of course said XFI Titanium as I was making the order. Which is it
* It should be the F333J PCIe Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro. I dded the X-Fi because I had it laying around.

What power supply brand and model is it that it comes with?
* U662D HiPro
* UR006 Delta

That brings up a question I have. Do they do any type of testing prior to shipping to make sure it works? I mean in my opinion for gaming machines like these I would imagine they would do somet type of testing. Run a game, run applications. let it run for at least 24 hours type thing. I am not sure Dell does this but I know a lot of niche computer companies do a gammut of testing to their enthusiast boxes.
* Yes. I am on that beta team. I get to test many games on the XPS desktops before they go on sale. Right now I have the XPS 730x, XPS 730, and XPS 630 at the house.

One would hope that Dell does some testing, but you'll never hear an answer from any Dell personnel monitoring this forum. It appears they are absent or have no time to bother with us.
* No, I am here. I have to monitor all of the Desktop boards.

I think what I said was misunderstood, I know he cant answer the order questions BUT he can answer the tech questions like:
Do they run tests on every machine to make sure its going to work out of the box?
* The factory runs a whole assortment of burn in testing.
How is it overclocked? The factory level 1. Is it overclocked via the QPI or multipler on the core i7 965?
* Multiplier.
CPU Configuration Screen
XD Bit Capability = Enabled
SpeedStep = Enabled
C-STATE Tech = Enabled
C State package Limit = C6

Frequency/Voltage Control Screen
QPI Frequency = Auto
Memory Ratio = Auto
XMP Support = Disabled
H2C 3.72GHz CPU Core (Non-turbo) Ratio = 28
Air 3.45GHz CPU Core (Non-turbo) Ratio = 24

Overclock Configuration Screen
Adjust CPUBC1k (MHz) = 133
Spread Spectrum = Enabled
Adjust PCI Frequency (MHz) = Auto
Adjust PCI-E Frequency (MHz) = 100
Intel TurboMode Tech = Enabled
H2C 3.72GHz 1 - 4 core turbo speed limit = 28 (28x133=3.72Ghz)
H2C 3.72GHz Tdc = 180
H2C 3.72GHz Tdp = 200

Air 3.45GHz 1 - 4 core turbo speed limit = 26 (26x133=3.45GHz)
Air 3.45GHz Tdc = 160
Air 3.45GHz Tdp = 180

Overvoltage Configuration Screen
H2C 3.72GHz Dynamic CPU Vcore Offset = +120mv
Air 3.45GHz Dynamic CPU Vcore Offset = +80mv
DDR3 Memory Voltage = Auto
I0H Voltage = 1.10V
QPI and Uncore Voltage = Default

Noise is absolutely no factor, except at boot/reboot time when it ramps up like a hair dryer for about 10 seconds max. After that, it's as quiet as can be. Haven't been able to find a way to stop it yet.
* That is normal.