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Re: 730 XPS ShutDowns

Oh goodie.  This thread is filling me with great anticipation...of doom.

My 730 H2C, received in December, seemed to run fine for a month or two - aside from an inordinate number of crashes to the BSOD.

A few days ago, I started noticing a lot of fan noise, even when the system's idle.  No CPU hogs reported by TaskManager.  No applications running (besides whatever gets kicked of at login).  After a couple days of that, it stopped booting at all - the system would just power itself off while the BIOS initialization screen is showing. 

Actually, I found that if I tried to power the system on while my monitor was off, it would sometimes get to the Starting Windows progress bar, but would be stuck (discovered when I turn the monitor on) - and then power off.  This made me suspect there might be power issues (seems like the 1Kw supply should be enough - my UPS shows only 250-350w drawn at this stage).

But then, if I try to power on again within a minute or two of the last failure, it shuts itself down almost imediately.  If I wait a few minutes or more, it gets a little farther.  This made me suspect overheating.  Well, that and  the fans running like mad.

I finally succeeded in booting after going into BIOS and reducing the CPU multiplier from its factory setting of 9.5 (for 3.8GHz) to 6.0 (for 2.4GHz).

Anyhow, I just fired off my support request email.  Let the fun begin!