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Re: PC freezes on Dell logo on start up

Hello Ruby43, First you need to uplug the power cable from the system. Then you need to remove the side panel, and in the lower part of the motherboard, near the front, you should see the small coin sized battery, about the size of a US quarter.

Be sure you notice which side is facing up (+ or -), and simply remove the battery.

There should be two small spring type clips holding the battery in the battery holder.

Leave it out for about 30 seconds or so, for any voltages left in the system to disapate.

Reinsert the battery into the holder, remembering to install it as it was originally with respect to the + and - signs.

This procedure should reset the BIOS to the default settings.

Install the side panel, plug the power cord back in and reboot the system.

If this was the issue, you should have it resolved.

If you are successful, I would then download and install the BIOS update.

This can be installed from the desktop, without entering the systems case again.

Hope this helps.

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