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Re: Blinking amber LED just won't quit - 5150




I've got same problem last year.

First of all you have to check CMOS battery.

If battery is OK you have to check power supply.

You may use tester or even better you may temporary replace it with good working one.

If you steel have problem you definitely have problem with motherboard.

Replacing motherboard cost almost like replacing computer without peripherals.

So cheapest way is to try to by-pass power supply.

So, you have to strip green wire and one of the black ones.Those are located on the 24-pin conector.

Fix some wire to them  and isolate properly.

Connect other ends for few seconds.You will hear fans and you will see all gren lights.Then you press power button.

It will boot up.

Do not forget to disconect the wires.

If you like solution you may add push button.

You may need to add extra CPU fan as well.

Maybe your motherboard is partially fried because of CPU fan failure-(probably bad temperature sensor).

If you had experienced freezing,blue screen or other OS problems it maybe because of overheating.

Adding extra fan may solve all problems and protect your investment.


S. J.