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Re: XPS freezes on BIOS POST


So when we left our hero, he had a working computer so long as no USB devices were plugged in while the machine POSTed.  Does he have to live with plugging the keyboard in after each time?  So here's what he (I) tried last night.

8.  Brand new USB keyboard in three different USB ports.  No love.  Keyboard was a Logitech 967738-0403, about as plain jane as they come.  Tried in USB ports in the front and both the upper and lower tier in the back.  

9. Disable the USB from the boot order.  Has anyone ever successfully booted from a keyboard?  What are you supposed to do - type in machine code?  Anyway, no love.

10. Tried disabling the Vista device drivers for USB.  Deleted & reinstalled.  No love.  In retrospect, given the hard drive hasn't even started spinning, its unlikely to be the Vista drivers.  But, still, no love.

11. Now this is interesting.  Tried booting with a USB printer (HP Laserjet 1022) plugged in.  And it booted fine.  How very odd.  Is this a clue?  I don't know if this is important or not.

I don't really want to live with a PS/2 keyboard as I use a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard that is easier on my hands and a 5 button Logitech mouse that has a nice weight to it.

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