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Re: XPS 435 Owners Thread

I had (have?) the same problem with eSata port on my 435T: Bios says not detected, machine sometimes hangs on boot w/ eSata connected.  Updated/reinstalled intel and jmicron drivers but it didn't help.  Called Dell, spent 90 minutes with a clueless tech and they replaced motherboard.  Bios still says no eSata connected, but machine will reliably boot with esata drive connected, it just isn't recognized.  Eventually noticed that if i boot with eSata drive OFF, wait until vista (x64) is running, and then power up the drive vista will recognize it after about 20 seconds.  If i then power down and back up with eSata drive on it won't be there - sometimes powercycling the esata drive will work, sometimes not.

Since it sounds like eSata is important to you, based on my experience I would suggest that you either send the machine back or have them replace your new mobo w/ a refurb.

The first thing I checked is eSata. Unfortunately it does not work. In BIOS it says that eSata is not detected. Machine hangs untill I switch off external hard drive with eSata connection. I looked at the driver versions and they seems to be up to date. Is there is a way to fix this problem? The BIOS version is A09.

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