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Re: XPS 435 Owners Thread

Managed a couple of days of run time using the 2 setting in Multiprocessor but then the media reader disappeared and would not load the driver and freezing screens began again. The only way I could keep things somewhat running was to set it to 1 in Multiprocessor which simply is unsatisfactory so I logged a ticket.

Tech I got was very good and had me pull the CMOS Battery and reinsert it then power it back up which immediately found the Media Readers. Then she had me reset the Multiprocessor to ALL and less than 20 minutes later back in the freeze we went. Had me pull 6 Gb of RAM and make sure 3 Gb were populating sockets 1,3 and 5 the power it back up and reboot it several times. Then she had me reset Multiprocessors to ALL and asked me to monitor it until she calls back on Sunday to see how things have gone. So far things have gone exactly as they have, i.e. the PC freezes in about 30 minutes, I'm guessing either the CPU or the mobo is the problem but we'll see what happens come Sunday.

435T i7 975 3.3 GHz Extreme, 12 Gb RAM, 1.5 Tb SATA x 2 internal,Patriot Warp 256 Gb SSD quick release and 1.5 Tb eSATA drive  Windows 7 64 Ultimate, Blu-ray/HD-DVD/RW combo by LG and Blu-ray/RW, 1000/NIC and  Belkin N+  wireless, X-Fi Extreme Soundblaster, Hauppauge 2250 DTV Tuner card with Media Center remote, Bose Surround Sound 5.1 speakers, LifeCam VX 3000 VidCam, Logitech Wireless Desktop Kb and Performance MX Mouse, Bamboo Pen Tablet,  XFX ATi 5870 XXX Edition driving a Vizio 37" HDTV using  Optical Toslink from the X-Fi Extreme Sound Card, also have Pioneer SE-DIR 800C Wireless Dolby DTS Headphones


Black Alienware M17X Q9100 2.26 GHz Extreme, 320Gb HDD0 and 160Gb SSD1,Blu-Ray w/ DVD/RW, 8Gb RAM, WUXGA  Screen, ATI 4870 Crossfire-x,  Alienware TactX Mouse Windows 7 64 Professional.

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