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Re: XPS 435 Owners Thread

That ain't right... which model to you have?  435MT or 435T/9000?

Anyhow, I see you have the 965, which presumably runs hotter than the 920.  If the freezing is happening at "idle" (you're not maxing-out the CPU with games), and temperature is not an issue (try the free Real Temp), something is flakey.  Using my rather dated HW diagnostic mind-set, I'd suspect, in no particular order:

  • Motherboard
  • Power supply
  • Memory

Note: I'm assuming you have a rather plain vanilla system (you've not added a "tangle" of device-drivers), and the problem is HW.  You may care to try running the diagnostics CD so that you completely rule-out software, but it sounds like the Dell tech has already taken the HW slant.

If it was me, and a simple return of a defective PC was not an option, I'd run it on the Diagnostics CD to get it to fail there, with the minimum memory possible (to rule-out a bad memory chip).  That would pretty-much point to the motherboard or power supply.  I'd sooner suspect the motherboard, if I had to "bet".  One subtlety, though, is I've seen a motherboard that didn't like more than so many RAM-chips (or Gb).  If the problem is addressing the higher-order address space on your RAM, removing some RAM might make it LOOK like a RAM problem, when it isn't.  Had to replace a motherboard last year with this problem.  Could look at memory usage on Task Manager to see if it dies when physical memory usage reaches a certain point.

Managed a couple of days of run time using the 2 setting in Multiprocessor but then the media reader disappeared and would not load the driver and freezing screens began again. The only way I could keep things somewhat running was to set it to 1 in Multiprocessor which simply is unsatisfactory so I logged a ticket.

Tech I got was very good and had me pull the CMOS Battery and reinsert it then power it back up which immediately found the Media Readers. Then she had me reset the Multiprocessor to ALL and less than 20 minutes later back in the freeze we went. Had me pull 6 Gb of RAM and make sure 3 Gb were populating sockets 1,3 and 5 the power it back up and reboot it several times. Then she had me reset Multiprocessors to ALL and asked me to monitor it until she calls back on Sunday to see how things have gone. So far things have gone exactly as they have, i.e. the PC freezes in about 30 minutes, I'm guessing either the CPU or the mobo is the problem but we'll see what happens come Sunday.

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