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Re: XPS 435 Owners Thread

Ran the Diagnostics early-on when the freezing and BSOD's were nearly immediate and it ended up being the Hard Drive which they replaced right away. I believe the tech is trying to see if it's memory by having me downgrade from 9 Gb to 3 Gb but it's still doing it and I am not running anything it's freezing just idling. I did notice one of the CPU's during the Diagnostics was running quite a bit differently than the other 7, i.e. it lagged behind a good deal, it was CPU 1, 2-8 were practically in sync but 1 always lagged often as much as 20%. Memory usage has been consistent at about 4% which would be about right with no load. When the thing runs right with ALL CPU's it's phenomenal and would love to be able to really use it, this has been very frustrating considering I end up doing most of what I need to do on a Gen 1 XPS laptop instead.

I am leaning toward the mobo as being suspect at this time myself.

435T i7 975 3.3 GHz Extreme, 12 Gb RAM, 1.5 Tb SATA x 2 internal,Patriot Warp 256 Gb SSD quick release and 1.5 Tb eSATA drive  Windows 7 64 Ultimate, Blu-ray/HD-DVD/RW combo by LG and Blu-ray/RW, 1000/NIC and  Belkin N+  wireless, X-Fi Extreme Soundblaster, Hauppauge 2250 DTV Tuner card with Media Center remote, Bose Surround Sound 5.1 speakers, LifeCam VX 3000 VidCam, Logitech Wireless Desktop Kb and Performance MX Mouse, Bamboo Pen Tablet,  XFX ATi 5870 XXX Edition driving a Vizio 37" HDTV using  Optical Toslink from the X-Fi Extreme Sound Card, also have Pioneer SE-DIR 800C Wireless Dolby DTS Headphones


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